Case Study
Contender e-Sports

Founders, Caleb & Vinny Smith

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Contender e-Sports.


Contender E-Sports is an e-gaming center located in Cary NC.  Blah, blahblahjfkdjfjeriohhhhedkkfdkf

Vinny & Caleb Smith

Why we decided to implement EOS. 


Our path is a little different because we started to implement EOS before we opened our doors. I’ve seen firsthand how businesses open their doors with a lack of leadership, accountability, and standards - I wanted something different for our business right from the start.

How we found Todd & Forward Traction.


I read the book, “Traction,” and I knew that was the way to lay a great foundation for our company.  I didn’t know how to go about hiring an EOS Implementer, so I contacted EOS Worldwide, and they highly recommended Todd. After meeting with him for our 90-minute meeting, we knew he was the one who could help us. 

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Why did you decide to work with Todd?


We decided to work with Todd because he has successfully implemented EOS as a business owner.  He has already implemented EOS in multiple businesses of his own, and he knows what it takes to implement EOS in a business.  He understands the challenges, and how to overcome any obstacle.  Not only does he have first-hand experience building a company, he also has a lot of experience walking with leadership teams in the implementation process. 

Impact EOS has had on our business. 


Our strategy was to avoid the inevitable mistakes as much as possible by running on EOS from the very beginning.  The key benefit for us has been organizational – EOS has enabled us to set up our business so everyone knows what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do it, and when it needs to be done.  We knew the only way we can scale our business is to have consistency across all of our locations and stores.  EOS was the perfect system to put in place to set us up for success. 


Hiring the right people and managing a growing staff has been key to our business.  Establishing and knowing our core values has helped us weed out potential hires who don’t align with who we are.  I’m proud to say, our corporate office said we hired the best staff out of all the Contender e-sports franchises, including their corporate store.  That is all because of following the EOS process. 

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What would you tell others about Todd if they are considering him for their EOS Implementer?


Todd knows business and has worked with complex companies.  He’s one of the few implementers who’s actually done it himself, and he brings all that experience to the table and adds so much value.  He breaks things down and makes everything clear and easy to follow.  One of the best things about Todd is that he asks really good questions and helps us see things from all angles.  We had five sessions with Todd before we even opened our doors, and we quickly realized that the investment upfront has saved us a lot of money in both the short and long term.  Read the book and have Todd come and do a 90 minute session. You will see firsthand how implementing EOS with Todd will help you. 

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