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Druther Home Buyers

Founder, Joseph Druther

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Druther Home Buyers.


We are a real estate investment company specializing in helping homeowners sell homes in a non-traditional way.  We help those people who are going through situations where they need to sell a house quickly.  We specialize in an exceptional customer experience where we take the burden off the seller and make the selling process quick and painless.   

Why we decided to implement EOS. 


Chaos.  The main problem we faced was a lack of clarity, which led to a lot of chaos in our business.  We didn’t have clear lines of accountability.  Nobody knew who to go to with issues, and as a result, nobody was empowered to make decisions on the job, and nobody knew who was doing what.  We didn’t know how to run a business, much less scale a business.   

Our pre-EOS life.


My wife and I work together – we’re a team – and we have 4 kids at home.  It’s challenging when there’s chaos in the business.  You feel like you can never leave.  We found ourselves talking through issues every night after we put the kids to bed.  The worst part was that nothing was getting resolved.

Joseph & Elisabeth Druther
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How we found Todd & Forward Traction.


I found Todd through the EOS website.  I noticed Todd’s bio right away because he specializes in scaling companies from $3-$30 million.  Todd has used EOS himself – several times.  He’s been down this path and knows firsthand how to get us through any challenge.  There is no substitute for experience.  There are other EOS Implementers in our area, but after the 90-minute meeting with Todd we knew he was the one that could best help us.  He knows his stuff, plus he’s has an easy personality - we just clicked. 

What it's like working with Todd.


Todd has a special gift at getting to the root of the issues.  He just digs down to the root and gets to the real issue and helps us resolve the issue for good.  When we’re in our weekly L10 meetings and we’re not solving the problems at hand, we just say, “How would Todd do this?” Todd always makes himself available to us.  Whenever we reach out to Todd with questions, he’s always willing to jump on a call and work through anything that comes up.  He makes us feel like we’re his only client. 

Impact EOS has had on our business. 


There are so many improvements, but they can all be categorized as time savings.  In our business solving issues is basically all we do.  Being able to solve issues and not have to talk about them again and again has been invaluable to our business.  The EOS tools have given us a framework to empower the team to solve issues once and for all so we can focus on money-making activities.  Our quarterly sessions with Todd have been amazing.  Getting clarity on our goals and setting up our quarterly rocks has been very helpful for us.  We always feel crystal clear whenever we come out of our quarterly meetings together.  EOS has also helped me to get the right people in the right roles, which is key to our business.  Everyone has clear expectations and clear accountability.  We have a great team and as a result, I feel empowered to be a better leader.  I now have the time and mental energy to focus on growing our business.  My wife and I still occasionally talk business at home, but our conversations are different - we’re actually solving problems. 

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What would you tell others about Todd if they are considering him for their EOS Implementer?


Working with Todd is very easy.  He’s easy to relate to and he really cares – our success is his success.  Todd is very responsive and is there for you at any moment. We’ve heard from other people that the EOS system was amazing, so I had faith in the system, but having Todd as our Implementer has made all the difference.  The investment has been totally worth it.  The foundation is being laid for millions and millions of dollars difference – potentially tens of millions over the next decade.  That foundation is plain and simple - the EOS tools we’re learning from Todd.

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