In the spirit of "help-first," Todd is going to be offering these virtual "Reset" sessions complimentary to interested business owners and their key leaders over the next 4-6 weeks, beginning Monday, May 4th.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me at to schedule a session with Todd.  More information is below.


Dear Friends of Forward Traction,


Over the last 6-weeks Todd has been busy working closely with our Forward Traction clients to facilitate private and business-specific, "Reset" sessions with leadership teams.  These sessions have been critical for our clients, helping them to navigate their unique set of circumstances given the challenging times we are all experiencing.   


Although there are many worthwhile and beneficial webinars and workshops available right now, we heard our clients asking for something that was more customized to their unique needs and leadership teams.  Our clients were asking for individual time, tools and data that would help them answer their specific questions such as:

  • Am I making the right decisions for the greater good of my business?

  • How do I lead my organization through this crisis and keep my employees engaged?

  • How do I execute on longer-term contingency plans?

  • How do I reset my team to this new-normal?  

  • What are my highest priorities right now as a business leader?

Entrepreneurial business owners and leaders who have 10-250 employees, who are growth oriented, "anxious to get back to work," and ready to make sure their organization emerges better, stronger and faster in a post COVID-19 world.     




The 90 minute Reset session is not a public webinar or workshop.  This is a private and intensely practical session with your leadership team that will focus on topics such as:

  • Getting your leadership team aligned and functioning in this new-normal.

  • Clarifying and taking action on the right goals and priorities for your business.

  • Identifying and executing on what your customers really want and need post COVID-19.

  • Understanding the specific "safe and secure" business protocols for your industry and applying them to your business.

  • Determining how and when to effectively communicate to your customers that you are "OPEN for business."



If you and your leadership team would like to schedule a Reset session with Todd, please email me at  I will respond back with three potential session dates for you to choose from.  


There's no need to try and figure this out alone.  Forward Traction exists to serve our community, and we're here to help you RESTART stronger than ever!  

Best Regards,

Kristina L. Chalfin

Co-founder and Partner, Forward Traction

"We're very thankful for Todd and his unique ability to understand

our culture and DNA as he skillfully guides us through this season."  

-Russ Crosson, Co-founder, RBT