Todd H. Chalfin

The implementer makes

all the difference.

Todd H. Chalfin
Certified EOS Implementer
A lifelong entrepreneur, Todd Chalfin has been an owner/operator in eight different companies over the last 25 years. His interests have spanned from real estate and hospitality to software and life sciences. 

Earlier in his career, Todd was part of the leadership team that spun out mobile security pioneer Good Technology from Motorola, re-launching as a private company in the early days of the Apple iPhone. Good Technology was eventually sold to BlackBerry for $425 million. Later on, he spearheaded the early stage revenue growth of global social enterprise CloudFactory with offices in Durham, NC; London, UK; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Nairobi, Kenya. CloudFactory is a trusted partner of many Fortune 500 organizations in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-as-a-service.

Most recently, Todd served as VP of Sales for inMotionNow, a growing mid-stage SaaS company. There he led the restructuring and expansion of their enterprise sales teams before the sale of the company in 2018. Todd also serves as a Goldman Sachs "10,000 Small Businesses" advisor working with select CEO's in their intensive 14-week program.  

Todd is an expert in the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) methodology. EOS is a complete proven system of simple, practical tools that help leaders get more of what they want out of their business. He and a team of worldwide partners have conducted over 25,000 full-day sessions with the leadership teams of over 4,000 companies.

Todd is a graduate of Cornell University. 

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