The Implementer makes all the difference!

Read what some of our clients are saying about Todd


We’re very thankful for Todd as our EOS implementer and his unique ability to understand our ethos and DNA as he skillfully guides us through the EOS implementation process. 

Russ Crosson, Co-founder & Chief Mission Officer, Ronald Blue Trust, Atlanta GA

Todd knows EOS.  The book "Traction" helped a lot but Todd was even better than the book!  I had a lot of questions but Todd made EOS super easy. 

Caleb Smith, Founder CVS Entertainment & Contender eSports, Cary NC

We heard from other people that the EOS system works, but the fact that Todd had actually implemented EOS as a business owner was important to us.  This investment is setting us up for millions and millions of dollars difference.  

Joseph Druther, Founder Druther Home Buyers, Southern Pines NC

We are so happy to work with Todd and to be introduced to the world of Traction/EOS. I know nothing happens overnight, but I now have a renewed confidence that we will make it!

Florencio Gonzalez, Founder Gonzalez Painters & Contractors Inc., Durham NC

I highly recommend Todd’s services! Having seen him in action with rising leaders, in our organization, and in the Chamber of Commerce, I’m confident your team will be served by Todd’s capacity to help you get focused on the core decisions that make everything work properly. A friend once used the analogy of buttoning a shirt. If you button the top button right, all of the rest line up. If you get that one wrong, everything else follows the same pattern. Todd will help you get the top button right!

Eric Syfrett, Founder, AM Services Group, Durham NC