What is EOS?

In 3 simple words:  Real.  Simple.  Results.

There’s no theory or flavor of the month, no magic pills—just timeless, tools that work.  The power of EOS is that it is real world, simple and practical.
The EOS Model

Every business, whether big or small, has six key components.  The EOS Model   illustrates the six key areas of any business that need to be strengthened in order to achieve and sustain healthy growth.  The six key areas apply whether you are a large or small company, and across all industries.  

The Six Key Components  of Any Business
Vision:  Getting everyone 100% aligned with where you are going and how you'll get there.
People:  Getting the right people in the right roles.
Data:  Cutting through emotions, personalities, and egos to establish key metrics to measure real progress towards achieving goals. 
Issues:  As a team, getting really, really good at identifying issues quickly, getting to the root of the issue, and solving the issue once and for all.    
Process:  Identifying and systematizing core business processes to consistently achieve goals.  
Traction :  Creating a culture of accountability and discipline where every person in the company is executing on their goals each and every day.   


"To the degree you focus on strengthening these Six Components as leaders and managers, everything will fall into place. That will move your business into the top 5 percent."
Gino Wickman, Author of the Book Traction
The EOS Process
How to get started:

Schedule your complimentary 90 minute meeting:  The first step in implementing EOS in your business is to contact a Professional EOS Implementer   and set your complimentary 90 minute meeting.  There is no charge for this meeting, and no obligation.  This meeting is simply an educational opportunity for your leadership team to have all your questions answered, so you can decide if now is the right time for you to implement EOS in your business. 


During this 90 minute session, you and your leadership team will gain a clear and realistic picture of what an EOS implementation will look like in your business.  One critical output of this meeting is to gain consensus within the leadership team as to whether or not your business is ready to move ahead with EOS.  Even if now is not the right time for your business to implement EOS, you will gain some practical tools that you and your leadership team can start using right away.  

Learn More About EOS

Check out the videos below if you'd like to learn more about the EOS model.

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